Ace the smokey-eye look with these simple steps

Ace the smokey-eye look with these simple steps

Admit it, you have wanted to try the smokey eye makeup for a while now, but haven’t had the idea of where to start. For most people, makeup seems like a daunting task. But experts say that one has to simply start somewhere to be able to fall in love with it, and try new styles and trends every day.

This festive season, as you get ready to impress, keep these things in mind to ace the smokey-eye look which, Monica B, a makeup artist, explains requires “carefully and attentively-crafted strokes”. Read on.

#1 Make use of a quality eyeshadow base
It is important you don’t compromise on the quality of the eyeshadow base or primer. In the absence of a primer, you may also use a light coloured concealer.

#2 Remember, less is more
The look is much better and finer when it is created using two to three colours.

#3 Blending is key
You must keep practising your blending skills from time to time.

#4 Fuller look is usually better
Create a much fuller look using good quality lashes. Alternatively, you may use a quality mascara in case lashes aren’t your thing.

#5 Loose powder helps avoid fallouts
When you’ve already done your face, don’t forget to pack your under eye with lots of loose powder which helps avoid any fallouts from the eyeshadow.


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